Shaping the arts & entertainment culture to accurately reflect the character of Jesus. 
Potential Roles: Some of the roles you may encounter on your Cultural Street.
• Arts / Artists
• Music / Musicians
• Performing arts
• Film / TV
• Creative arts
• Media
• Sports

Biblical Influencers: Individuals from scripture who influenced Culture 
• King David (Musician and Songwriter)
• Bezalel (Craftsman and Designer)
• Asaph (Chief Musician and Songwriter)

Action Plan: Ways to leverage your influence on your Cultural Street
• Ask to pray for someone with whom you interact.
• See someone receive Jesus through your network.
• Water baptize a person in your network.
• Create music that accelerates the values of God’s Kingdom.
• Use your platform to shed light on injustice.
• Create art that inspires hope.
• Use media to creatively communicate Biblical values.
• Disciple someone in your network.
• Lead people in worship to God.
• Dramatically portray the gospel in action.

Questions for Clarity: Your most pivotal questions to  answer to effectively influence your Cultural Street:
• Who are some people on my Cultural Street that God has placed in my path to influence? (Names)
• What is a specific toxic culture I am called to change?
• How can I be an expert and become more respected in the Arts and Entertainment Cultural Street?
• What can I do to be known more for what I’m FOR rather than for what I’m AGAINST?

3 Levels Of Influence


Identify with your street and unique edge.

Take the Cultural Streets Test.

Explore your Cultural Street.

Explore your Unique Edge.

Submit Your Story.

Complete Action Form.

Identify the toxic culture you're called to change.


Influence and shape culture.

Water Baptize someone.

Challenge others to become Explorers.

Meet with an Owner/Mentor.

Submit story of Culture Influence.

Complete Cultural Streets Seminar

Fight toxic culture by doing the opposite.


Identify influencers and innovate the future.

Produce Growth Content.

Raise up and coach Influencers.
Gain influence on your Cultural Street.
Lead an Influencers Course.
Tell your story over and over.

Bring others with you on your quest to change toxic culture.