Shaping families to be on mission to serve Jesus

Potential Roles: Some of the roles you may encounter on your Cultural Street

• Household
• Parents
• Siblings
• Relatives

Biblical Influencers: Individuals from scripture who influenced culture

• Elizabeth (Minister and mother of John the Baptist)
• Miriam (Sister and protector of Moses)
• Joseph (Step-father of Jesus)
• Boaz (Kinsman redeemer for Naomi)

Action Plan: Ways to leverage your influence on your Cultural Street

• Pray with a family member
• Lead a family member to receive Jesus
• Establish your family in a local church
• Water baptize a family member
• Create a family legacy plan
• Bring help, healing, and support to fractured families
• Set up family members for future success
• Disciple a family member
• Establish and pass along God-oriented traditions
• Share with others how God has worked miracles in your family

Questions for Clarity: Your most pivotal questions to  answer to effectively influence your Cultural Street

• Who are some people on my Cultural Street that God has placed in my path to influence? (Names)
• What is a specific toxic culture on my Cultural Street that I am called to change?
• How can I be an expert and become more respected in the Family Cultural Street?
• What can I do to be known more for what I’m FOR rather than for what I’m AGAINST?