Shaping the culture of health to see people’s potential maximized in their emotional & physical health

Potential Roles: Some of the roles you may encounter on your Cultural Street.

• Healthcare system
• Healthcare professionals
• Fitness coaches
• Psychology experts
• Personal/Group Trainers

Biblical Influencers: Individuals from scripture who influenced culture

• Luke (Personal Doctor of Paul and Bible Author)
• Good Samaritan (Looked after a beaten Foreigner)
• Sampson (Nazarite Diet Discipline)
• Daniel (Fitness and Diet Expert)

Action Plan: Ways to leverage your influence on your Cultural Street

• Ask to pray for a colleague or client
• Volunteer in the community to serve those with physical or emotional needs
• Release new research on diet and health
• See a colleague or client receive Jesus
• Launch an emotional health or healing program / ministry
• Develop creative resources and tools for people to become more physically or emotionally healthy
• Water baptize someone in your network
• Challenge people to maximize their potential
• Launch a health and fitness program
• Disciple someone in your network
• Pray for someone’s specific physical or emotional need
• Create a culture of health in families, companies, communities and organizations

Questions for Clarity: Your most pivotal questions to  answer to effectively influence your Cultural Street:

• Who are some people on my Cultural Street that God has placed in my path to influence? (Names)
• What is a specific toxic culture on my Cultural Street that I am called to change?
• How can I be an expert and become more respected in the Health and Vitality Cultural Street?
• What can I do to be known more for what I’m FOR rather than for what I’m AGAINST?